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Getting stronger and toned is not easy. To get stronger and toned you must eat right, workout right, and workout hard. Every fitness gym in Visalia – or personal trainer in Visalia – knows that.

BUT…the “know-how” is the easy part, right?

Whether it’s from a fitness magazine, YouTube channel, or fitness blog – all of the answers to how to get stronger and toned are at your fingertips. The problem is people try and fail with these programs, over and over again.

Here’s why…

All of these fitness gyms in Visalia, fitness magazine articles, YouTube personal trainers, fitness bloggers, etc. are missing the THREE KEY INGREDIENTS TO EVERY SUCCESSFUL FITNESS PROGRAM.

You see, the secret to reaching your fitness goals is beyond the “know-how.” The secret to reaching your fitness goals is in the process.



Everybody is different. How we respond to exercise and food is different. So your fitness and nutrition program should also be different.

The biggest problem today is everybody is doing the same thing without ever addressing their individual needs.

Here at Body Effect, we periodically provide each of our members with a Strategy Session to design a customized Personal Fitness Success Plan.

Your Personal Fitness Success Plan is your road map – tailored to your individual wants and needs – of the exact steps you need to take to finally reach your fitness goals.

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Have you ever started a fitness program, got great results for a bit, and then hit a plateau? So you add in some running, change up your diet, and still can’t seem to bust through that plateau.

The BIGGEST reason why your training hits a plateau is because you did not follow a healthy progression. To make fitness progress, your training must progress. If you progress too quickly, you will hit a plateau. If you progress too slowly, well, it’s going to take you longer to reach your fitness goal.

There is an optimal level of overload that will get you stronger and more toned in as short amount of time as possible, while still ensuring you don’t hit a plateau. With expert guidance from one of our personal trainers, we can find YOUR optimal level of overload and get you the results to reach your fitness goals.


If you are serious about getting stronger and more toned, you need to keep a log of your workouts and nutrition. Every workout, set, rep, rest interval, meat, vegetable, fruit, chip, candy should be written down.

Your fitness log will help you identify what worked and what didn’t; it will enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses; it will hold you accountable to your goals; and it is a great tool for gauging what your optimal level of overload is.

Something as simple as a fitness log can be the difference in whether or not you ever accomplish your fitness goals. Because of it’s importance we make tracking a regular part of our fitness program. Your fitness log becomes the written record of your personal fitness success story.

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If you are looking for a fitness program that will get you stronger and toned, then we invite you to join us for our 28-Day Fitness Challenge.

The Body Effect 28-Day Fitness Challenge is the most complete fitness program in Visalia, CA. When you enroll in our fitness challenge you will get:

  • ​Personal Fitness Success Plan with the exact steps you need to take to finally reach your goals.
  • Strength and Tone Meal Plan with grocery lists and recipes designed to help you feel energized, satisfied, and eliminate that bloated feeling.
  • 3 Weekly, Professionally Coached Group Workout Sessions to help you build muscle definition.
  • Personal Success Coach to help you with accountability and motivation.
  • Weekly Results Tracking with our Success Coach to help you make continuous progress towards your fitness goals.
  • Money-Back Guarantee if the program does not work for you!

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