No Doubt, I Am Stronger

There is only ONE reason I joined BODYeffect and that is MAGGIE MELING my best friend.

She had been working out for some time and said I should do it too….so here I am.

I do have to say that I am GLAD I have done it….I feel better….and there has been physical progress: the “large curd cottage cheese” on my upper thighs is now “small curd!” There is no doubt that my physical strength has improved AND I can do more than one push up in a row!

Adrian and Adam are always very encouraging and the environment is very NON threatening. Everyone seems to be here for the same reason…improved physical health. You find that over the years (and yes I have been coming for at least 4 years now) you develop friendships with all these fun people you work out with.

To anyone on the fence about joining I would say – we all had a FIRST DAY….and believe it or not it does get better – keep coming.

Donna Nottingham